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Introducing De.Central Gaming Hub



Today we are introducing the De.Central Gaming Hub. It is one stop for all of the latest Platform De.Central gaming news from around the industry.

We report on all kinds of gaming news including but not limited to: PC Gaming, Console Gaming, Mobile Gaming and Cloud Gaming.

PC Gaming

Our PC’s often pull double duty, effortlessly moving from work to play day in and day out. If you need your PC’s power for creative professional tasks then odds are you can game with it too.

If you instead bought your PC for gaming duties first, and work-related tasks second, then you my friend are a committed gaming soul. If you are one of the rare breeds of human that has built their own gaming PC from the ground up, then we salute you.

PC’s offer the most amount of flexibility and personalization as opposed to a console. You can choose each and every component to get that competitive edge or to meet your budget.

Console Gaming

Console gaming from American company Microsoft and the two Japanese companies Sony and Nintendo offer accessible points of entry into gaming and for many gamers, it is their very first gaming experience.

We are rapidly approaching the next-generation of console gaming made possible with ultra-fast AMD CPU’s, NVME Sold State Drives and Ray Tracing from the next Xbox and Playstation.

Mobile Gaming

Today’s smartphones are a lot more than just its calling app, our phones are tiny always connected pocket tablets that can handle productive tasks, watch movies, take photographs, shop, browse the web and can play


Some of today’s smartphones have upwards of 8GB of RAM and CPU’s that can rival desktop class processors. The addition of a controller and controller attachment enhances the experience by getting your fat thumbs off the screen, giving gamers a full view of their opponents.

Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming is in its infancy right now, but it is sure to become the most popular forms of gaming over the next five years. The barriers to entry have all but been removed.

Want to play a AAA game this weekend but don’t have a console or a gaming capable PC? Grab, your phone, tablet or laptop and install one of the many cloud gaming services, subscribe and play. You do not need specialized hardware for some games and for the others all you need is a Bluetooth controller.

Alternative Game Stores

Here on Platform De.Central we promote cross-platform apps and games, because exclusivity locks users into a platform and restricts their market choices. So whenever possible we will offer links to as many game stores as possible like Amazon and Best Buy.

As we gain more affiliate partnerships, we will offer links from those sources as well.

Thanks for visiting readers, if you want all the latest from Platform De.Central, Allow notifications or subscribe at the bottom of the page and remember…Game On!



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