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AirPods Studio to have head/neck detection and more



Apple may be utilizing tech from AirPods for their larger over-ear siblings with the help of a myriad of sensors enabling natural interactions.

According to 9to5Mac, “Instead of ear detection, Apple is working to include sensors that can detect whether the headphones are on your head or neck.” Utilizing Neck Detection could allow for the headphones to stay turned on and paused while removing them from your neck would turn it off. Another feature detailed would a sensor that detects the left ear from the right, and would make it so there is no wrong way to wear them with flexible right and left channels. Users will be able to switch from noise cancellation to a mode that allows you to hear ambient sounds.

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Pairing AirPods Studio with a Mac or iOS device will unlock custom equalizer settings similar to the settings found in the new Surface Audio app.


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