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Games optimized for Xbox Series X

Microsoft has been sharing more and more info on a steady clip and they recently shared a list of games that will get the “Optimized for Xbox Series X badge” and what that means.

“The Optimized for Xbox Series X badge means the developer has done the extra work to take full advantage of the unique capabilities of Xbox Series X. In addition, Smart Delivery ensures you are getting the right version of your game no matter which Xbox you’re playing on.”

Games that are “Optimized for Xbox Series X”

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

We recently covered the first cinematic level trailer of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla This new video is the first time we get to see actual gameplay in all its glory.

Bright Memory: Infinite

A new FPS (first person shooter) game where you get to wield a sword too. There is also a grappling hook that you can use to climb over obstacles or as offensive tool pulling your prey in close of a kill shot. Amazingly the game was created by a studio of one, FYQD Personal Studio where there is only one employee, Zeng Xiacheng. The game has been on Steam Early Access for some time now, when it makes the leap to Xbox Series X, it will utilize Direct X ray tracing.

Call of the Sea

A first person adventure puzzle game set in the 1930s where the main character explores a mysterious island. Instead of going for a hyper-realistic theme, Call of the Sea looks more like a cross between Frozen II and Fortnite.


A spacecraft combat shooter where a single legendary pilot takes on monumental missions.

Dirt 5

The first racing genre game to be announced for Microsoft’s super console is Dirt 5. The fifth installment in Codemaster’s Dirt racing game series.

Madden NFL 21

The latest installment in the Madden series is coming to Microsoft’s super console and is poised to look better than ever. The video shows Madden’s simple beginnings of low-res graphics and simple gameplay, then progresses over the decades to what Xbox Series X gameplay will look like.

Scarlet Nexus

Its like a cross between Anime and Gears of War. The hero is Yuito Sumeragi, is a psychokinetic powered warrior who wields his power like a weapon.


This game is described as a “atmospheric first-person horror adventure game.” This is definitely more of a trailer that shows of this creepy world than a video that shows actual gameplay.

Second Extinction

In a world where dinosaurs have continued to evolve to be even more terrifying and take over Earth, players will fight to take Earth back from the monstrous blood-thirsty hordes. In the first few seconds of the video, it felt like Halo where the ODST’s drop in fro the sky.

The Ascent

This is a top-down RPG, similar to Minecraft Dungeons set in a cyberpunk-like world where people have indentured themselves to mega-corporations to be there and now that system has collapsed. Players have to fight through enemy hordes to win their freedom.

The Medium

A “psychological horror game” the studio behind Blair Witch, Layers of Fear and Observer. Players play as Marianne, a medium that is caught between the real world and the spirit world. The composer who worked on Silent Hill is composing for this game.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

This is the sequel to the first Bloodlines game. Players are vampires who must rise through the ranks of an underground society in Seattle, where they will be able to choose how to advance, either through violence or political cunning.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

The newest installment in Sega’s Yakuza series, delivers a new storyline apart from the series past hero who died in Yakuza 6. This game is already available for PS4 in Japan, but Sega is primising that it will come to Xbox Series X as a launch title with both cross-save functionality and Smart Delivery in toe.

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