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Mozilla has been taking the fight to the platform owners for decades and extolling the virtues of protecting users privacy. Now it seems that are creating a platform of their own.

FireFox has recently launched Lockwise a password manager, FireFox Send an end-to-end encrypted file sharing service, FireFox Monitor a front end to Have I been Pwned, FireFox Better Web with Scroll which is an add-on for Scroll that blocks ads and trackers for partner publisher like us and just today FireFox announced Private Relay, which enables users to generate a unique email address alias with one click, thus protecting your inbox from spam.

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We applaud FireFox’s efforts in creating privacy protecting services only some of their services are platform agnostic while others create lock-in.

To be specific FireFox Send, FireFox Monitor and FireFox Private Network full device VPN are platform agnostic as they either live completely on the web or in the case of FireFox’s VPN is available for iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome OS, macOS and Linux.

As for the services that are locked to FireFox’s browser, FireFox FPN browser add-on, FireFox Better Web with Scroll and FireFox’s new Private Relay. Scroll itself however is platform agnostic and works will all major browsers: Chromium based browsers like Brave, Edge, Vivaldi, Chrome and more. It also works with Safari. Tap the button below to try Scroll youself.

Currently FireFox is updating its many pages with a new menu button like the one in the screenshot below. The menu serves as a launcher to its many web apps similar to the one Google uses.

At the bottom of the menu it reads “Made by Mozilla.” We can not help but get the feeling the Mozilla is exhibiting similar traits in branding as Facebook or Google. We do not see this as negative, but the rapid expansion of services and branding traits could signal significant change at Mozilla.



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