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XCloud App on Surface Pro X walk-through | Get the App Here



Microsoft has been internally testing its XCloud App for Windows 10 PC’s, which is called Xbox Game Streaming (Test App). We got our hands on it and now we want to share how to get it on your Windows 10 PC and walk you though the app experience on our new Surface Pro X.

XCloud Recap

We recently reported on the first sighting of the XCloud App for PC’s and that Gaming is undergoing a transformation with the introduction of cloud gaming. Microsoft has been testing XCloud for Android since late last year with a vast library of games and recently rolled XCloud out for iOS an a very limited beta (only one game available). We also posted a walk-through of XCloud on an iPad to show off how it worked. Now it is confirmed that XCloud will be a part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Get and install the XCloud Windows 10 App

First tap the button below to go to Microsoft Store online page for the app listing. Then Copy the site URL.

Then tap on the button below to go to an online tool that pulls down apps from Microsoft by inserting store URL’s.

Paste the copied URL from above. Then scroll down the list to the file that ends in appxbundle and download it. The app uses the ‘App installer’ app to manually install apps like these.

What does the app look like?

The dream is to be able to play titles like Halo on a light and powerful Windows device such as a Surface Pro X without the heft that comes with a gaming PC.

Once you set up your Xbox One and tap on it, you will see the interface above.

The app enables you to connect to your Xbox and stream your games to your PC and in this case your Surface Pro X. It doesn’t look like streaming from the cloud is available yet.

The quality of the connection depends on your network speed and proximity to your Xbox One and your router. Our connection was good so gameplay was fast and fluid.

Microsoft has upgraded XCloud server blades from just four Xbox One S consoles per server instance to eight, yes that’s right they doubled it and now they are working to get them upgraded further to utilize the Xbox Series X processors.

Once connected to your Xbox One you can navigate with your controller and touch controls.

To put that performance difference of the two generations into perspective, just one Xbox Series X processor can run four simultaneous Xbox One S games sessions. Plus the built-in video encoder is six times faster than the Xbox One S’s video encoder. So when they get this done, it will be a major upgrade.

XCloud isn’t closed off to third party hardware either, they are bringing PS4 controller support, which should enable those who currently have a PS4 to play Xbox games from a phone or Windows 10 PC.

What do our readers think of XCloud so far and what are you playing on? Let us know in the comments below.



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