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HBO Max expands deal to Apple TV HBO subscribers



HBO reached a deal with Apple through parent company WarnerMedia that expands free HBO Max to current subscribers who pay through Apple according to Deadline.

Who gets HBO Max included at no extra cost?

Launching on May 27th, HBO Max will be free (included) with all AT&T premium services like video, mobile, broadband packages will be offered bundles and now customers who subscribed to HBO through the Apple TV app will get HBO Max included at no extra charge. Initially the deal only included those who subscribed through AT&T/WarnerMedia owned services.

How to get HBO Max included at no extra cost?

Customers who subscribe through HBO Now from an iOS device, which will initiate an in-app purchase and those who subscribe through the Apple TV app channels service will get access on May 27th too.

How will it work on Apple TV?

HBO Max will be integrated into the Apple TV app on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV HD/4K.

I subscribe to HBO through other service, will I get access?

The short answer is no, or at least not until they announce it. It is possible to subscribe to HBO through many different vendors like Amazon Prime, Cable companies and more. Access for those subscribers isn’t available yet.

Source: HBOMax