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Airtime lets you watch video, music and more with family and friends remotely



Airtable provides a service similar to Netflix party but isn’t limited to just Netflix. While we recently reported that this can be achieved with a Discord server, Airtable may have a lower barrier to entry. Getting together with family and friends while once may have been a regular occurrence is now fraught with risk. Airtime aims to provide a solution to our current problem.

Airtime enables you to create a private room in which you can video chat with up to 10 friends simultaneously. You can even play music while your friends listen along. Video chats can be customized by using animated stickers, face masks and sound reactions.

There are YouTube and SoundCloud integrations inside the app along with a number of movies and TV shows like Donnie Darko, Shrek, The Bachelor and more.

So if you miss movie night with family and friends give Airtime a try.

Source: Airtime



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