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Sonos Radio, curated and original content streaming service



Sonos is the well known maker of the whole home audio speakers of all shapes and sizes. Until now Sonos had been a vehicle for other streaming services, Sonos now is taking a step into creating some itself.

Enter Sonos Radio, it is part of a Sonos app update rolling out today. Sonos Radio does not require a subscription, so now when you buy a Sonos speaker, you do not need to spend extra money to start listening to content. CEO Patrick Spence says “it’s only the beginning” as Sonos works on other future services that he says will “provide our customers a better experience, and provide our music streaming service partners an opportunity to highlight their best content.”

Sonos Radio aims to”provide our customers a better experience, and provide our music streaming service partners an opportunity to highlight their best content.”

Patrick Spence, CEO of Sonos

Sonos Radio brings together more than 60,000 stations from multiple streaming partners, alongside their own original programming, Sonos stated in a press release. Partners like TuneIn, iHeartRadio with coming soon. Sonos Radio also features a Local Radio section, with which you can listen to local news and music stations.

Sonos Presents

Under the Sonos Present section, which is used to highlight its original station called Sonos Sound System. Sonos said that it converted its basement of its flagship store in Soho, which is now closed due to Coronavirus, into a recording and production facility. Sonos had this to say about what we can expect from it:

Listeners will enjoy a stream of new, well-known, or rediscovered music, behind-the-scenes stories, as well as guest artist radio hours from the likes of Angel Olsen, JPEGMAFIA, Phoebe Bridgers, Jeff Parker (Tortoise), Vagabon, and more. Artist hosted radio hours, released every Wednesday, will start the stream of Sonos Sound System for a 60-minute radio show with music and commentary about inspiring artists, releases, and the host’s latest work.

Sonos Sound System

Sonos says that there will also be an artist curated stations “a regularly updated stream of hundreds of songs from artists inspired by their own influences and obsessions.” Today Radiohead’s Thom Yorke’s station is going live today. The best part of all, is that these stations are Ad-free.

Sonos Stations

These are what Sonos calls, genre based stations, which unfortunately have Ads.

image via Sonos

With Sonos Stations, they are trying to deliver more value through curation which they say will deliver a wider variety of music beyond the narrow assortment other streaming services provide.

At launch, Sonos says you will be able to use Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa to access the service. Sonos is doing that has a lot of value to consumers in trying to surface lesser-known options. Sonos Sound System, artist stations, and Sonos Stations are launching first in the United States, Canada, UK, Ireland, and Australia.

Source: Sonos



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