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Facebook adding Dark Mode to iOS app



Facebook is one of the many apps that have added support for Dark Mode over the last few years. This is especially important as we are all indoors and a a white interface can be hard on your eyes.

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We recently added a Dark Mode toggle in the navigation pane of this site. P.S. Dark mode is enabled by default!

First enabled and posted by WABetaInfo. While this Dark Mode implementation is not in keeping with native iOS dark mode, it does add darker grays that are easier on the eyes.

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Once the update is pushed out to users, you will be able to activate dark mode by going to Settings > Dark Mode, here you will find three choice, On, Off and System. System enables the app to change based on if you have dark or light mode enabled across iOS.

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What do you think of getting Dark Mode in the Facebook app? let us know in the comments below.

Source: WABetaInfo



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