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Microsoft Teams will soon let you imitate the Brady Bunch



According to Microsoft’s User Voice! page, Teams will update the app to be able to view 9 participants simultaneously by the end of April. She even said they are also working to increase that limit, but no specifics were given on that tidbit.

List of The Brady Bunch characters - Wikipedia

Microsoft has been breaking records lately with the increased demand to have remote meetings and since Teams is a part of Microsoft Office, organizations don’t need to spend extra amounts of money on another solution.

We could see this being a point of anti-trust contention at some point when very good 3rd party alternatives where their whole business is one app like Slack cannot make gains on the so called ‘free-business chat app’ that is built into a near ubiquitous suite of Office software. It could also drive potential users to seek out alternatives to Office and alternatives to Teams as well.

Source: Microsoft



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