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Chrome OS gets tablet optimized gestures



Google has found success in building Chrome OS laptops for many years now and with lackluster numbers coming from Android tablets Google decided to bring the Google Play App Store to Chrome OS and start building Chrome OS tablets.

Google’s Pixel Slate was its first home brewed Chrome OS tablet that borrows heavily from Microsoft’s Surface 2in1 design as well as Apple’s iPad Pro 2in1 design.

Google’s new update to Chrome OS aims to improve its tablet mode with gestures that are similar to the one’s Apple utilizes in iPadOS. The similarities are uncanny. There is a gesture to go to the homescreen by swiping up from the bottom. Swipe and hold to bring up a multitasking view and so on.

They are not just stop with gestures either, they are also tweaking the interface by adding a new tab strip that makes it easier to not only see the content of the tabs but also to tap on them.

The new Chrome OS updates will being rolling out soon, so if you have a Chrome OS tablet, try it out and let us know what you think. For anyone interested in a Chrome OS tablet, check out the deal below.

Brydge G-Type Keyboard

Source: Google



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