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iPhone SE 2 case listing pops up on Moment



Apple was reportedly going to release the iPhone 9/SE/SE2 today, so far no word on that, however another case maker has listed an ‘iPhone SE 2’ compatible case on their site. More on that below.

To catch you all up on our iPhone 9/SE/SE 2 coverage we recently reported how rumors pointed to a release on April 3rd, or about the earlier rumor that the iPhone 9 would be released on April 7th, iPhone 9’s potential ETA, that the iPhone 9 may come in a regular and Plus size, and when will Apple decide what an iPhone is, referring to the massive differences between an iPhone 11 and iPhone 8.

Screenshot from Moment

Moment has a listing for their existing battery case that is compatible with the iPhone 7, 8 and SE 2 (which is said to be a refreshed iPhone 8) hence why it fits.

So what is going on with case makers and the names they are choosing, the short answer is that no one outside of Apple knows what they are calling the iPhone 8 refresh, oh they’re you go, call it iPhone 8R since we are throwing names at the wall 😋.

We expect that the iPhone 11 A13 Bionic chip is in the iPhone 9/SE, that is a huge upgrade over the one in the iPhone 8 which is a A11 Bionic.

The colors are rumored to be White, Black and PRODUCT (Red), the cases colors will be Black silicone, White silicone, Red leather, Black leather, Midnight blue leather, the storage options will be 64, 128 and 256GB. The price has been long rumored to be $50 below that of the current iPhone 8 at $449, so $399.

As with all rumors we will have to wait and see, but if today’s rumor is true, we won’t have to wait long.

Moment is currently blowing out their cases for $20 each. Use these promo codes to save on 2 or 3 cases.

  • Buy 2 cases for $30 with code 2casesfor30
  • Buy 4 cases for $40 with code 4casesfor40

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