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Edge overtakes FireFox



Microsoft’s Edge recently underwent major changes, improving site compatibility and now is available on every major platform with Linux support incoming.

According to NetMarketShare who recently shared Desktop/Laptop browser market share data from the month of March shows that Microsoft’s Edge with 7.59% has overtaken Mozilla’s FireFox with 7.19% for 2nd place, while Google’s Chrome sits at 68.5% market share. The rest of the list can be found in chart below.

When we adjust the time period settings however, things change a little bit.

What we are seeing in the chart above is that from January through March Mozilla’s FireFox is in 2nd place with 7.62% and Edge is in 3rd with 7.33%. But if you look in the graph you can see Edge overtaking FireFox in the early part of February. So like all matters in life it matters how you measure things. As it stands right now Edge is making gains in browser market share, now if Microsoft could just get those Internet Explorer holdouts onto Edge that would be 5.97% more market share putting Microsoft’s current total desktop/laptop browser market share at 13.19%.

By Platform De.Central | Source: NetMarketShare



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