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Good Job!



Missing working from the office or ever wished you could create chaos in moments of frustration? Seems like a well timed game release being that it is a lighthearted puzzle game set in an office building.

The game levels assigns the player a mundane office task to take care of. The way to score the most points is complete the tasks with as little disruption as possible, but what you may discover is you don’t lose any points for getting the job done in destructive ways either, and the latter way is much more fun.

In an early level you are tasked to carefully walk a projector down a flight of stairs and plug it in on the wall. if you are still trying to do this carefully with any destruction it can be difficult. If you stretch a cable across a doorway or a row of desks, you coworkers don’t seem to mind. With that in mind, you start to see what you can get away with, like busting through walls, turning over desks and making huge messes until you are uncontrollably laughing at the antics.

The fun is in the chaos of completing the tasks as quickly as possible and you will be rewarded for how fast you got it done. Conversely if you do it slowly without damaging anything you will be equally rewarded.

If you are missing the daily 9 to 5 at the office or warehouse, then Good Job! will entertain you for many weeks to come.



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