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Watch Movies Remotely with Family and Friends using Discord



Discord is mostly known for being a place where gamers go to chat or in our case, another place where our stories are discoverable.

We recently reported on the browser extension called Netflix Party that enables you to watch movies remotely with family and friends.

Did you know you can do this through Discord as well? You sure can.

First, you need your own Discord Server, which is easy enough to do.

  • First go to your Discord, navigate to the bottom of your list of servers and tap on the ➕ button that starts your own server.
  • A screen will pop up that lets you customize your server with a name and profile picture.

You also need a chat-ready set of headphones with a built in microphone.

  • Go to settings and navigate to “game activity.” At the top of the screen you will find the “Add it” button which enables you to set an App of your choice as a Game. Choose from the list, it might be a Browser like Brave or a video stream app for example.
  • So now when you hit the Go Live button with the app you chose playing a movie you can stream the video and audio to your audience.
  • Although you previously could only invite 10 people, you can now add up to 50 invitees.

And that’s how you can watch movies and tv shows with family and friends.

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