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AirTags confirmed in Apple Support Video



Apple has been rumored to build it own Tile-like service for some time now and one day after Tile’s VP and General Counsel Kirsten Daru made a statement to the House Judiciary Committee on Anti-Trust issues, that Tile’s relationship with Apple has gotten worse.

Today a reference to ‘AirTags’ was spotted in a Apple Support Video by Appleosophy in the image below.

The image above shows a screenshot from the Apple Support video reference above. Notice the ‘Enable Offline Finding’ toggle. Underneath the toggle it says ‘Offline finding enables this device and AirTags to be found when not connected to Wi-Fi & Cellular.’ The video has since been made private.

We may see an announcement of AirTags alongside the iPhone 9 or it could be delayed to the fall for the iPhone announcement.

By Platform De.Central | Source: Appleosophy



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