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Slack launches Microsoft Teams calls and Zoom VoIP integration today



Slack is launching is launching a new app that integrates Microsoft Teams and other service’s calling features with it popular chat app. Slack has seen 350% growth with calls made and/or received with its chat app over the past month alone because of so many businesses moving toward remote work during life under Corona. We recently reported that Slack has surpassed 12.5 million concurrent users, breaking their own records.

Slack users will be able to set Microsoft Teams Calls as the default calling provider in settings. Users will also be able to see who’s already on a call and when it started, all before you join the meeting.

Another update coming as part of this integration, is an update to the Outlook Slack Add-on which enables the user to join Microsoft Teams calls directly from Slack.

Slack isn’t just adding Teams integration, Zoom, WebEx, Jabber, RingCentral and Dialpad VoIP phone will be integrated. what this will look like is a Slack user will be able to use one of those VoIP calling providers to call phones numbers directly from the Slack app.

Great news, the new calling features are available to users today. You can enable the new Microsoft Teams app in Slack from the companies website.

Get the updated Slack integrations below

Microsoft Teams Calls

Slack Outlook Calendar App

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