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Now you can purchase content via Prime Video on iOS devices



Amazon has had their Prime Video app on iOS devices for years and in that time never let you make in app purchases like renting movies or buying TV’s shows. The reason could be because of Apple’s 30% cut on all in-app purchases and Amazon just didn’t want to go there. In a stunning move today, Amazon has reversed course and must have decided that they will catch more bees with honey.

If you have Amazon Prime Video app on your iOS device, which includes iPhone, iPad and AppleTV, you can try this out now.

Netflix and Spotify are well known for sending you to their website to subscribe to avoid the 30% cut they would have to hand over. You can buy and rent new releases like Sonic the Hedgehog, which is in the Cinema section.

Ultimately this is a welcome change and something Amazon and users alike will benefit from.

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