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Microsoft Editor for Edge & Chromium based Browsers



Microsoft announced Microsoft Editor today, an extension which Microsoft calls Add-Ons like Mozilla does. The extension works just like Grammarly. You install the extension, and now everything you type into the the browser will be checked for spelling and give you a drop down list of suggestions if the word is misspelled or needs a bit of work grammatically. With so many of us using our phones to write as well, the experience of getting suggestions should feel quite familiar to what we see on our phones.

Now for the privacy implications, both Grammarly and Microsoft will see what you type with these extensions turned on. The trade-off is if you need a little spelling and grammar assistance then you will be trading some of your privacy away. The question is, do you trust Grammarly or Microsoft more with this data, I imagine the question is different for everyone.

Yes, this is one of the Big 5 Tech companies going after the feature made popular by a smaller rival. Unfortunately this kind of thing is all too common, we can only hope that the folks at Grammarly protected themselves with patents or something.

Microsoft Editor in action on Platform De.Central’s Twitter page.

By Platform De.Central | Source: Microsoft



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