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Slack working on Microsoft Teams Calls Integration



Slack has been breaking its own records with 12.5 million daily active users. Microsoft reported that Teams had 44 million daily active users during the same period. Slack and Microsoft are now working together on call integration to enure its users are not on islands with no way to communicate with each other.

The integration would see Microsoft calling features built into Slack. Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield said “We’re working on Teams integrations for calling feature,” reports CNBC.

CNBC: WEF Davos 2018: Stewart Butterfield co-founder and CEO of Slack SB 180126-001
image via CNBC of Stewart Butterfield, CEP of Slack.

Slack already integrates several Microsoft services into Slack such as OneDrive, Outlook and Sharepoint.

Teleconferencing services such as Slack, Teams & Zoom, service as a virtual substitute for meeting in person in conference rooms which serve no other purpose and remain empty during life under Corona.

At the moment Slack has not given a timeline for availability of this new feature. Rest assured that with teleconferencing being as important as it is now, that it will be coming in short order.

This call integration in these two apps are a great example of how building digital bridges is better than creating artificial digital walls and we hope this is the beginning to a beautiful trend.

Platform De.Central | Source: CNBC


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