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Zoom isn’t the darling of life under Corona that we thought it was



Zoom seems like it could do no wrong now that a huge surge in usage has catapulted it to a valuation of $38 billion. With every high there is a low and this one is a creation of their own.

Motherboard recently reported:

The app has a troubled record when it comes to security and privacy. Thanks to a creepy feature, hosts can track whether you are paying attention to the meeting, and the company’s privacy policy allows it to collect all sorts of personal data.

Last year, Zoom had a flaw that allowed hackers to turn on someone’s webcam without their consent, and without them noticing. On top of that, when someone had the Zoom app closed and even uninstalled, the software left a web server up and running, allowing for an automated install of the app if someone invited the user to a Zoom call. Finally, Zoom makes it really hard for you to join calls without installing the app, even though that’s possible.

Odds are that if you work for a large corporation, you don’t get to choose the teleconferencing software that you use. If you are a small business owner and are making software decisions then security issues like these are something to consider.

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