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FireFox 76 getting password protection



Mozilla will start protecting users’ saved passwords with the release of FireFox 76. Right now FireFox does not require you to enter a password when you want to view your passwords from the menu button.

We recently reported about the FireFox Better Web extension test pilot with Scroll and how this partnerships aims to make the web more private. Now with password protection Mozilla aims to make your passwords safe too.

This could be an area of user vulnerability as many users do not lock their computer every time they walk away from it.

Starting with FireFox 76, you will need to enter a master password in order to view your saved passwords. Saved passwords are managed by FireFox Lockwise, which is not only where you can save your passwords in your browser but also sync your saved passwords with its mobile apps.

The new feature will be in FireFox 76 on Windows and MacOS. Bio-metric authentication such as fingerprint or like Windows Hello can be used in place of entering a password.

By Platform De.Central | Source: Mozilla



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