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Today FireFox announced they are launching a new Test Pilot initiative called FireFox Better Web with Scroll. While FireFox is a great Web Browser choice you can use Scroll on nearly every browser. Here on Platform De.Central we advocate for Apps & Services that do not pigeon hole you into one platform, this is called platform choice. The subject of today’s piece isn’t just about the availability of Scroll but also to introduce the service to our readers. Let’s get started.

Its all about a “better web”

Since starting Platform De.Central, we have looked for ways to monetize the publication. Our articles have Ads at the bottom of the articles and have Amazon Affiliate links mixed into the content of the articles. Our Amazon Affiliate links are chosen by our team becuase we think our readers would benefit from a 90-Day Free Trial of Amazon Music HD, a Free Trial of Amazon Prime and a Free Trial of Prime Video. We also try to deliver the best deals and discounts on the latest tech hardware through our De.Central Deals. While we make a small commission from these links, it costs you nothing. These are some of the ways that we try to monetize this site so we can afford to keep delivering the best articles to our readers from every corner of the world.

There is another way

Enter Scroll, the service aims to keep the web private, hide Ads and pay content creators like us at the same time. The bi-product of this approach is that the websites you visit are 80% faster, who doesn’t want a faster web.

How does it work?

You log into Scroll, its sets a cookie, now with that cookie every site you visit sees that cookie and doesn’t serve you Ads. Yes that is it, simple huh. You might be saying, I thought cookies were bad. Well in this case this cookie is your pal and keeps you from seeing Ads.

What does it cost?

It costs just $5/month. If you sign up right now, you will get the status of a Founding Member and get 50% off for the first six months. I think we can all say that our privacy is worth the cost of one cup of coffee per month right? Yes Definitely.

Can I use it with my favorite browser?

All Chromium based Browsers like Brave, Vivaldi, Edge Chrome and others are supported. FireFox is supported and also has a special extension called FireFox Better Web with Scroll, while not required is handy. Safari requires the Scroll extension to work.

By Platform De.Central | Source: Mozilla



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