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Siri can screen you for Coronavirus



Apple’s Siri can now screen you for the Coronavirus using an Apple device. Users in the U.S. started noticing the feature on Saturday March 21st.

To help our healthcare system not get overloaded with calls for screening, having a virtual voice assistant do the screening makes a lot of sense in 2020.

So what do you ask Siri to get her to screen you?

In the U.S., iOS users can be screened for coronavirus by answering questions from Siri - Updated Siri will screen you for the coronavirus

Just ask “Hey Siri, do I have coronavirus?” She will then ask if you have a dry cough, a fever or shortness of breath.

You can answer Yes, No or Not Sure. If you answer No, you will then be asked if you have been in close contact with someone who tested positive for the virus, now you can give one of the same three answers from before. It goes on to give you the appropriate resources depending on your answers.

Along with screening you for Coronavirus, Siri will remind you remind you to wash your hands and for how long, to avoid close contact with people outside your household.

Siri will also let you know that while you might not feel sick, you could be carrying Coronavirus and could spread it to others.

Siri will also jump into action on your behalf depending on the answers you give her. She will ask if your symptoms are extreme of life-threatening, if you answer Yes to this, she will spring into action and dial 911 on your behalf.

Using Siri is just a hands free way of doing a search in your browser and using a healthcare chatbot like the one the CDC uses from Microsoft.

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