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Google’s Coronavirus Site Launches

Just one week ago President Trump announced that Google would be launching a Coronavirus site to provide useful resources to people searching for accurate information. Today the site launched, you can find it below.

Now that the site is up, Google will work to enhance search so that when people search for related terms to Coronavirus they will be provided with info on symtoms, prevention, global statistics and locally relevant information. Example below.

In Google’s post announcing the site, they say that you will be able to find even “state-based information, safety and prevention tips, search trends related to COVID-19, and firther resources for induviduals, educators and businesses.” The information on the site is pulled directly for “reliable sources” which include the CDC and WHO.

Right now on the CDC’s site, there is a Self Checker Chat Bot, which was built by Microsoft, hit the button below to check it out.

Hit the button below to check out Google’s COVID-19 site for yourself and remember stay home and stay safe everyone.

By Platform De.Central

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