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Windows 10 powered by 1 Billion of us



Microsoft posted the video below via Panos Panay’s Microsft’s Cheif Product Officer Instagram page to celebrate Microsoft’s 1 Billion Windows 10 users.

The Video opens with a brief historical view of Windows boot up screens, allthe way back to Windows 1.01, then on to all the different Start Menus and button designs, then we arrive at Windows 10 the day it launched. From there that Windows 10 begins to transform by simplifying design elements along with updating some Office apps. Perhaps the most exciting was a look at the new Fire Explorer for Windows 10.

We get to see the updated Start Menu with the new icons we have all been getting, the whole updated look of the interface looks very clean and we can’t wait to get our hands on it. For now check out our hands on videos of Windows 10X Microsoft’s next gen OS.

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