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The future of App Store Competition



Huawei has had to invent a lot of creative solutions now that they no longer have access to the Google Play Store. Recently we reported China’s mobile giants band together to take on Google’s Play store & Huawei’s replacement for Google Play Services is near. Each of these articles details how important an fully stocked app store is and that Android is almost completely useless without access to the Google Play Store in western markets.

Now that Huawei’s version of Android does not have access to the Google Play Store and its huge App Warehouse they need to find ways to discover Apps that are not in its own ‘App Gallery’ app store. The solution is an App called ‘App Search’ and is intended to help users find their favorite Apps. We think this a positive and market friendly approach that benefits users. This method could also enable more market competition where a users might be able to shop for the best deal for any given paid app.

The App works exactly the way you would expect it to, search for an App like Spotify and you get two alternative App Stores you can get Spotify from.

You can check out the App from the link below. The Site is in German, you will have to translate it with an extension.

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