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Microsoft sees Zoom as a threat



A new leaked video made by Microsoft details how Zoom Video Communications is a big threat to Microsoft Teams. Zoom is quickly becoming a popular app for video conferencing which may have 13 million monthly active users. Since Zoom is independent of a platform owner it can be paired with 3rd party productivity apps like Slack that rival Microsoft’s dominance in that arena.

“Zoom is seen as an emerging threat to Microsoft”

The video was posted by WalkingCat to Twitter, the video is below.

Right now Microsoft is trying to move its Office users from Skype for Business to Teams. Because of that move, Zoom sees this as an opportunity to sell a simpler solution for SMB and enterprise level cleints.

Here on Platform De.Central we love apps made by 3rd parties, especially when they are really good. If you are working from home now because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, check out Zoom in the link below.

By Platform De.Central | Source: @h0x0d WalkingCat



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