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Movies Anywhere will let you lend Movies to friends



Movies Anywhere is a super popular digital film collection platform and today it announced a new feature called “Screen Pass”

Screen pass will let you lend up to three films each month, probably so you don’t start your own rental service. Your friends will have seven days to accept the offer, once they accept the offer then they will have access to the film for up to 14 days. Once they start the movie they will have three days to finish watching it.

Both users will need a Movies Anywhere account in order to share a movie. 6,000 titles will be eligible when the feature kicks off later today. Since eligibility is determined by the studios, it is highly likely that new releases and very popular movies won’t see screen pass support till after they have had a while to sell copies of it. For now, you will have to be part of a closed beta to use this feature which starts today at 1pm PT. An open beta is slated for May then a public launch later int he year.

By Platform De.Central | Source: The Verge



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