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Google Claims G Suite now has 2 Billion Users



Google’s G Suite which is Google’s productivity suite now has 2 Billion users according to Google. G Suite’s boss Javier Soltero shared the new stat with Axios.

G Suite consists of Gmail, Google Docs, Hangouts, Hangouts Meet, Docs, Sheets & Slides.

While Microsoft’s Office is seen as the standout leader in this space, Google’s G Suite are seeing challengers from non-Platform Owner’s Apps like Polaris, Office Suite and WPS Office.

One interesting thing to note is that Soltero started Accompli, then later sold it to Microsoft. He then left and joined Google last year and has said his focus is doubling down on features that make G Suite unique, like its robust search feature, conversation focus in Gmail and its built in collaboration tools.

By Platform De.Central | Source: Axios



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