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Verily launches COVID-19 Screener Site



Verily, owned by Alphabet (Google), has launched its COVID-19 Screener & Testing site. It is currently only covering the San Francisco Bay area.

We’re focusing our initial efforts on expanding risk assessment and testing to areas with high volumes of known cases, such as the Bay Area. We’re currently working with the California governor’s office to direct high-risk individuals to newly-launched testing centers in San Mateo and Santa Clara.

  1. Creating an account: We ask that you create a Google Account or connect your existing Google Account to participate in this program.
  2. Completing a COVID permission form: In order for information collected by Project Baseline to be used for COVID-19 screening, individuals will need to sign a public health authorization form.
  3. Taking a screener: You’ll share some information about your health and symptoms based on guidelines from public health officials.
  4. If eligible, get tested for COVID-19: Based on the COVID-19 screener and testing kit availability, you will learn whether you qualify for free testing and where you can get the testing done.
  5. Receive your results: Once tested, you’ll be informed via email of your COVID-19 test results.

The “Initial Survey” is a yes/no question, with many quickly finding that the former answer does not direct people to a location. According to a Verily statement, this is intentional as those “seriously ill” need to get medical attention immediately, not visit the testing sites.

A Google Account is required to sign-up, but Verily notes that collected data “will never be joined with your data stored in Google products without your explicit permission.” Additionally, “information will not be used for advertising.”

Testing is “critical to containment efforts,” with Verily’s effort helping direct people to testing sites and enabling “public health officials to target testing efforts.”

Current diagnosis efforts of COVID-19 are primarily focused on symptomatic and/or high risk individuals.

President Donald Trump, and later other officials, alluded to a nationwide screening website. While this Verily COVID-19 screener could become that in the future, it is not currently the wide-ranging tool mentioned Friday. Meanwhile, Google is working on a separate website that will deliver information about the coronavirus.

Update 3/16: As of this morning, Verily’s COVID-19 screener is “unable to schedule more appointments.” While the site lets you answer several steps, it throws up a warning that prevents you from continuing. The Alphabet company alludes to high demand at the testing locations and will return in the “near future” as capacity grows.

Appointments will continue to expand through this program as we scale capacity in the near future.

By Platform De.Central | Source: 9to5Google



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