iPhone 9 series may utilize both iPhone 8 sizes, but Why?

 iPhone 9 series may utilize both iPhone 8 sizes, but Why?

Apple has set a tentative date for the release of the iPhone 9 / iPhone SE 2. Apple is rumored to be raiding not only the iPhone 8 parts bin for the iPhone 9 but also the iPhone 8 Plus too and updating the internals in both. But Why!?!

According to 9to5Mac and iOS14 code, there is evidence that Apple may have an iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus slated for release. We previously stated that the Moniker would make more sense to be called iPhone 12 SE for the 4.7″ model (other than the fact it is a pre-iPhone X design), but the addition of the 5.5″ model throws that all out of whack. It also doesn’t really make much sense, with the iPhone XR almost reaching the $399 price point anyway, why not keep selling it instead?

iPhone 8 Plus (Product Red)
Current iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

Currently the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus retail for $449 and $549 respectively. If the rumored price of $399 for the iPhone 9 is accurate then the iPhone 9 Plus would most likely be $499 given the current $100 spread between the two models. Given that you can purchase a new iPhone XR for $439, why would anyone want a larger phone with a smaller display in the iPhone 8 Plus currently?

Even if the iPhone 9 is announced sooner, it may be delayed to a later date because the factories in China are closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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