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Motorola Edge Leaked Photos



Motorola has had much success with its mid range phones while if left the high end to others. We recently report on the Motorola Edge in “Details on Motorola’s next flagship the Edge+” and as we reported Motorola is getting ready to compete again.

XDA has published more photos on the Motorola Edge.

XDA Note: In order to protect the identity of our source, each image in this article has been edited to remove the background around the phone. In one image, we cropped out our source’s fingers, while in others, we blurred some parts of the screen. 

As we can tell from the first photo, the display has curved sides much like Samsung’s past phones.

From the above image we can see that this phone is a rare treasure indeed as it retains a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

From the photo above we can see the specs of the rear camera in that there is a 64MP, 16MP & 8MP Camera cluster on the rear. What would normally be a fingerprint sensor and logo combo looks like only a logo, which means the authentication tech is somewhere else. Not sure what that un-centered Pill shape is around the camera cluster.

In this photo above we are looking at the top edge of the phone. We can see microphone holes, a possible sim tray, a hole punch camera and the front facing speaker holes.

In this photo above, we get a look at some of the camera’s capabilities.

In this photo we see how deep the active area of the display flows over the edge of the phone.

In the photo above we can see that the Motorola Edge will have up to a 90Hz refresh rate.

By Platform De.Central | Source: XDA



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