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KaiOS to partner with Mozilla



KaiOS is the leading mobile operating system for feature phones globally with an operating system that had its beginnings as Firefox OS. If you don’t remember that OS or any phones with it don’t feel bad, most people don’t. We lost a lot of mobile OS diversity to end up with the current duopoly of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

Firefox OS

Firefox OS was shelved in 2016 and then acquired by KaiOS Technologies using that particular version of Gecko Web technologies and has not been updated only patched since then.

The partnership with Mozilla will be about updating the underpinnings of KaiOS and make sure there is a plan in place for supporting it going forward with FireFox ESR’s (Extended Support Release).

The following improvements are slated for future KaiOS releases.

  • Optimized OS performance for apps, websites, and services
  • Enhanced device APIs and feature compatibility
  • Upgraded internet security and connection speeds via TLS 1.3
  • Additional hardware-optimized technologies
    • WebAssembly for more optimized web apps
    • WebGL 2.0 for advanced graphics and 3D games
    • WebP, AV1 for new image and video codecs
  • Additional modern web language support
    • Advanced CSS for better web experience
    • Async JavaScript functions for enhanced app responsiveness
    • Progressive web app support for improved browsing experience and ease of advanced apps development
  • Improved device stability and ease of obtaining certification for mobile carriers and OEMs

We are hopeful that KaiOS remains independent and does not get acquired by one of the Big Tech companies. We would also like to see KaiOS expand its capabilities and partner with OEM’s to challenge Android’s dominance on touch screen phones as well someday.

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