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How to sideload New Fluent Weather UWP App on Windows 10



Big App developers like Google, Disney, Amazon and others have been developing UWP Apps for Xbox but not for Windows 10 for a long time. While those apps are not necessarily optimized for Tablet or Mouse navigation they still offer some benefits over their Web App counterparts.

Below we will walk through how to install the new Fluent MSN Weather App, a built-in Weather UWP App that will ship with future versions of Windows 10.

1. Install ‘App Installer’ from the Microsoft Store

2. Navigate to

3. Copy the URL

4. Visit and paste the URL from above, select Retail from the drop down menu to the right of the URL paste box, then click the green check box.

5. You will be presented with a list, like the image below.

6. Click on the appxbundle link for this App. For other Apps you might select msix, msixbundle or appx. Make sure you download the app for your Architecture, like arm, x86 or x64 or in this case ‘nuetral’.

7. Open your download and you will be presented with the ‘App Installer’ App we installed earlier. Notice the ‘Trusted Microsoft Store App’ text, Click Install.

8. The above splash image with the new icon is what you will see upon launch.

Check back later to see more How To’s on installing other UWP Apps in Windows 10 👍

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