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How to Crush working from home during the Coronavirus Pandemic



We have all been paying attention to the news and lately the world feels a lot smaller. With Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Twitter and many others encouraging their employees to work from home to minimize the spread of the virus. Schools are shutting down, big events are being cancelled and you are likely needing to work from home yourself, so lets get you prepared.

Let’s start with the Do’s & Don’ts

Do clean your devices

Don’t touch your face

Do practice social distancing

Don’t travel by Trains, Planes, Buses or Boats

Do Sit in a Chair at a Desk or Table

Don’t work from your bed or the couch

Do stock up on essentials

Don’t shake hands

Do find alternative to shaking hands

Fist bumps
Thumbs up

Get what you need to work

Lets assume you either have access to your work files from home on your own computer or have an employer provided computer.

If you left your computer at work and your files can only be accessed by your work computer then you will need to go and get it along with anything else you need to get your tasks done. So run into the office and be sure to wash your hands:)

If you don’t have a computer at home then hit up the deal links below.

So if you wake up tomorrow and your employer sends you an email recommending you work from home, then use this guide to Crush working from Home.

Video Conferences

The last thing you want is to look unprofessional or give your co-workers a negative perception of your home and how you live.

  • Choose a room that is quiet and where your Web Cam is facing a wall. If your Web Cam faces a window your co-workers will have a hard time seeing you.
  • Make sure you choose a room next to where your Router is located or pick check out the Networking product links below. It is important that you have a strong WiFi signal so that your Audio and Video will be optimum.
  • Shower and dress in appropriate clothing for your workplace just in case you need to do an impromptu conference call. Plus dressing for work will likely help you to be in the productivity mindset.

Cloud Storage

If you need to access your work files remotely then lets hope your employer has this set up already. If not I have added some suggestions below.

Dual Displays

If you have dual displays or a widescreen display at work then you know how productive you can be with them, but how about when you don’t?

Duet Display

When you need a dual display setup but don’t have two displays, use your another device as the second display. If you need a deal on a tablet check out the links below.


If you’d rather have dual displays I have provided some deals on some great displays below.


If you listen to music at work on your computer or your phone then you will likely want to listen at home. I have provided some deals on all the things you need to get into your flow at home.

Stay comfortable & get productive



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