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Windows 10X File Explorer (Beta)



Today Microsoft dropped an updated Windows 10X image today and one of the notable new Apps included in this build is the File Explorer marked as a Beta.

This new File Explorer is a cross between the Windows 10 mobile file explorer found in the last Windows 10X image and the current Windows 10 File Explorer.

One thing to note is the OneDrive integration built in, we hope that Microsoft opens this up to include 3rd party cloud services and potentially have multiple services in the left hand menu.

File Explorer Beta has a scaled back feature set which keeps things simple for the casual user. In the above image there is a drop down where you can set how you want to view your files and folders.

In the next drop down menu you can choose how you want things arranged. More to come on the new Windows 10X image over the next couple of days so stay tuned.

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