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Brave on Windows 10X



Brave is the most private web browser and is a great alternative to the spyware of Google’s Chrome browser. Brave gives you all the benefits of Chrome but without the whole internet constantly tracking you.

While Brave’s browser did not recognize Windows 10X as a compatible OS, it does now. Below are some screenshots of Brave on Windows 10X running on Microsoft’s Emulator. FYI, Microsoft Emulator does not require you to be on an Insider Build of Windows 10 in order to install it anymore.

If you haven’t already, you get Microsoft Emulator from the Microsoft Store here.

The new Windows 10X image can be found in the Microsoft Store here.

Brave is not quite optimized for Windows 10X yet, I am sure they are working on it though. Right now the browser window doesn’t quite maximize to the entire window. When you drag the browser window to the space between the two displays, the browser window doesn’t span across both displays yet.

The above screenshot shows Brave on the left and the new File Explorer (Beta) on the right. Check back later for more on Windows 10X.

Dark Mode can be set in Brave by manually selecting it in Settings. In Windows 10 Brave will be in Dark Mode if your system theme is set to Dark Mode, Brave does not automatically sync with the System Theme in Windows 10X yet.

Once you have Brave set to Dark Mode and the system theme set to Dark Mode then everything looks consistent.

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