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Apple’s Dual Screen Solution



Apple’s solution for a dual screen phone might just be every bean counter’s dream, to buy two iPhones and put them in a case together.

The patent for “System with Multiple Electronic Devices” describes putting two iPhones side by side which activates a feature that spans one display over both.

The patent is described below:

Multiple electronic devices may be used together in a system. The electronic devices may use sensor measurements and other information to detect when an edge of a first electronic device is adjacent to an edge of a second electronic device. In response to detection of adjacency between the edges of the first and second devices, the devices may transition from an independent operating mode in which each device operates separately to a joint operating mode in which resources of the devices are shared. In the joint operating mode, images may extend across displays in the devices, speakers in the devices may be used to play different channels of an audio track, cameras and other sensors may be used in cooperation with each other, and other resources may be shared. Magnetic components may hold devices together in a variety of orientations.

So it is more than just spanning the interface across both devices but utilizing things like the speakers of both devices to create a kind of surround sound and use the cameras of both devices to create unique effects.

Now you need two iPhones and a new case accessory that enables what Microsoft calls ‘postures’ when they are talking about the Surface Duo & Neo. But instead of using a super expensive micro coaxial cable and hinge system, Apple is proposing the use of magnets and software instead.

New Apple patent suggests a cool Borg-like tiled display feature is coming to iPhone 2

2020 is going to be the year of foldable and dual screen phones, the question is, does Apple have an answer to them?

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