• January 22, 2021

Leaked Amazon Echo Show PC

 Leaked Amazon Echo Show PC

Amazon has been releasing smaller Echo Show smart displays lately, now a leaked render of a new Echo Show PC has surfaced, signalling an expanded Echo show universe.

Echo Show 5, 8, 10 > 15!

So far Amazon has an Echo Show in a 5″, 8″ and 10″, but now it looks like Amazon is going bigger. This could signal the direction that Amazon is going with the Echo Show line of smart displays, where as the device grows the function changes as well. Amazon even built ‘Show Mode’ into their Fire Tablet lineup with optional Show Mode docks. Maybe the 10″ Echo Show is the largest voice/touch only device and the new ‘Echo Show 15’ will have expanded features to match its expanded size.

The new Echo Show 15 looks like it has an Echo speaker as a foot and a tablet thin display attached to articulating arms. We can see from the render that there is a USB-C port on the right side of the display, Amazon Music and Alexa on the task bar as well.

We should have seen this coming

We should have seen this coming when Amazon started to publish more and more apps to the Microsoft Store. Yeah they have always had a Amazon shopping app and Amazon Drive App but within the last year or so, Amazon has published Amazon Music and an Alexa app to the Microsoft Store. Amazon has been building lots of new devices with Alexa built in, even partnering with PC OEM’s like Acer, HP and other to optimize their hardware for far field voice control with Alexa.

If Amazon is going to build PC’s they could be direct competitors to Microsoft’s Surface line and others. But the benefit will be felt across all Windows 10 PC’s, because you can bet Amazon will publish new Amazon Apps for Windows 10 now that they are building one themselves.

What’s Next?

The question is now, what won’t Amazon make. It is likely that they will build a Laptop optimized for Alexa and built under the Echo Show moniker. We will keep our readers posted as new info comes to light.

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