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Which Android Phone Brand has the same Resale Value as iPhone?



Apple’s iPhones are well known for having a great resale value, they retain their value and are in high demand. If you have ever had an Android phone and tried to sell it, you may have been shocked at their low resale value. Then you may ask yourself, do I buy an iPhone to retain resale value or buy an Android phone and lose half my phone’s value by the end of the first year?

Well good news for Android users or soon to be converts. According to Bank my Cell Nokia only loses 27.68% of its resale value after one year compared to iPhone losing 25.98% of their resale value. That is a difference of only 1.7%.

Comparatively, in third place Sony sees a loss of 31.30%, then HTC at 32.01%, Samsung at 34.42%, Blackberry at 34.92%, Google at a whopping 51.58%, LG at 56.76% and finally LG at 59.41%. We could not have guessed this order prior to reading this report.

For your convenience I have provided some deals on Nokia and Sony Phones below.

If you want to read up more on this report visit this link.

Nokia Deals

Sony Deals

By Platform De.Central | Source: Bank My Cell



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