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OneDrive for Bussiness gets some love from Enpass



Enpass is a password manager that we recently reviewed and found to be one of the best platform agnostic password manager apps available, they even have Web Browser Extensions for Chromium based browsers (Brave, Edge, Vivaldi & Chrome), Firefox and Safari.

Find the Wallpaper here

You could already sync with a personal OneDrive account in addition many others & now they have added the ability to sync with OneDrive for Business.

This is actually a big feature add, as anyone working in a corporate environment knows, if you have Office 365, and nearly everyone does, then you have OneDrive for Business automatically.

Enpass now has the opportunity to service Office 365 Enterprise cusomters, which is a big deal. So if that is you, hit the download link below or if you are a person that hasn’t started using a password manager, we recommend you hit the download link below for Enpass.

By Platform De.Central | Source: Enpass



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