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10 inch Phone you can fit in your pocket



Dual Screen and Foldable Phones are already getting form factor competition from Rollable and Tri-Fold Phones.

Rollable (Slider)

TCL is well known for building the most popular Roku powered smart TV’s, but today’s news isn’t about TV’s. TCL showed off their reference designs for a Rollable Phone that gets its name from the display rolling around the left and right side of the phone as it expands into a tablet.

TCL also has some responsive UI elements for when you are switching from Phone into Tablet mode. The current design when unfolded is 7.9″, which for reference is the size of an iPad mini. When in phone mode, it is a whopping 6.7″ display like the Galaxy S20 Plus.

The Apps would automatically switch into split screen mode when opened, which is a plus for Android since most apps are built for phones anyway.


This reference design utilizes folding display technology found in the Galaxy Fold, Motorola Razr and Galaxy Z Flip.

The Tri-Fold does result in a thicker overall design, but it does triple the size of of display when unfolded.

The benefit here is that the form factor gives you an sizable tablet you can carry in your pocket.

By Platform De.Central | Source: TCL



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