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How to read Kindle books using Brave on Windows 10



If you have a Windows tablet around and have a collection on books on Amazon’s Kindle service, then you may find there is no Kindle App for Windows, at least not anymore.

Kindle Cloud Reader is a Web App that let’s you access and read your Kindle books on the go. Because PC’s come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, the App gives you a number of ways to optimize the settings. You can change the size of the font, background color, font color and the number of text columns. You can create and edit notes, highlight text for studying and save bookmarks.

The App also features Whispersync, it syncs your place in a book, notes and bookmarks across every devices you have the Kindle App on. It even has some great study features like a search function and get word definitions.

You can shop the Kindle Store for a wide range of books. The book you are currently reading is automatically made available offline as well (have to enable that feature in settings for the Web App).

So here is how to install Kindle on Windows using Brave

1. Open Brave or hit the download link below. then type in

2. Sign up or Login to your Amazon Account.

3. Select the hamburger menu in the top right corner of Brave.

4. In Brave, navigate down the fly-out menu to ‘More Tools’

5. Then with your mouse hovering over ‘More Tools’ or having tapped it with your finger select ‘Create Shortcut’, with ‘Open as Window’ ✔selected.

This will create a new App called ‘Kindle Cloud Reader’ in your App Menu under ‘Brave Apps.’

6. Now that you have the Kindle App, open a book.

7. The default setting for when you open a book is for the background to be a light color and the text to be black, my eyes are burning, ouch.

8. Tap the ‘Aa’ button on the top menu bar within the Kindle App. The menu above will show up, select ‘Black’ and join us on the Dark Side.

9. Now you will have a great reading experience on your Windows Tablet, Laptop or Desktop.

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