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Most Trusted & Least Trusted Tech Brands



Big Tech affects all of us in different ways, what services we use, what products we buy and how we feel about them.

Today The Verge dropped the 2020 version of their Tech Survey, which contained some interesting findings.

Amazon is the most Favorable Brand

Despite being a virtual monopoly, users of Amazon’s services favor Amazon above all other brands. Google, YouTube, Netflix & Microsoft round out the top 5.

Google impacts society the most

Google impacts society the most followed by Amazon, Microsoft, Apple & Netflix.

Microsoft is the most trusted brand

People who trust these companies with their information (data), trust Microsoft, followed by Amazon, Netflix, Apple & Google.

Facebook has too much power

72% of respondents say Facebook has too much power.

Is it okay that Facebook owns Instagram and WhatsApp?

66% of respondents say it is okay that Facebook owns both Instagram and WhatsApp (we disagree).

YouTube should be split out of Google

People are split on weather YouTube should be split out of Google and live on as its own company.

What are the top reasons for not using Facebook?

No surprise here but, Privacy is the top reason people are not using Facebook, followed by ‘Not interested in content’, ‘Don’t like how Facebook does business’, ‘Prefer to use other social media’, ‘Friends and family don’t use Facebook’, ‘Advertising’ and finally ‘User Interface / Experience’ with 2% being ‘other’.

Check out the rest of the Survey at the source link below.

Source: The Verge



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