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LG announces the dual screen LG v60 ThinQ 5G



LG has just announced the V60 5G dual screen phone. what makes this phone interesting is that it has a dual screen accessory rather than being a dual screen phone all the time.

Dual Screen/Foldable Phone Deals

This phone is equipped with the Snapdragon 865 and joins the Samsung Galaxy S20 series in the 865 club. Multitasking is better than on one screen you can do two things at once. The V60 5G adds a new dimension to mobile gaming with the touch controller on the bottom and game play on top.

Stand the V60 5G on its side and watch Movies & TV in tent mode.

Position the V60 in laptop mode and enjoy mobile productivity on a small screen with the touch keyboard. The bundle includes the Dual Screen accessory in the box with the phone.

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