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Another win for Slack, secures Uber’s 38,000 seats



Slack Business Chat App after recently securing a win with IBM’s 350,000 employees has just secured another win with Uber’s 38,000 employees. Slack’s share price went up 3.5% today following the news. Uber and Slack are not strangers as they had been using the platform up until 2017, then used Atlassian’s Hipchat App until they switched back in 2019.

Slack is not owned by any of the Platform Owners such as Apple, Google or Microsoft and despite that fact is seeing market success. Slack reported that it currently has 50 customers paying at least $1 million/year and that was up from just 30 in the same quarter last year.

As it currently stands Slack has 12 million users where as Microsoft has 20 million users.

Source: Business Insider