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Android 11 Developer Preview, what’s new



Android 11 Developer Preview is out now. While it is only developer for Pixel devices and as an emulator. Below we will go over some of the new features of the world’s most popular OS.

Notifications and Video Recording

Android 11 will allow you to silence notifications while recording video.

Chat Bubbles in your Messaging Apps

These are floating pop-ups that hover over your home screen for easy replies.

Dynamic Dark Theme

Much like iOS 13, iPadOS & MacOS, Android 11 now has the ability to schedule Dark Mode based on sunset to sunrise or a custom time.

Conversation Sections

There is a new section in Notifications pull down called ‘Conversations’. Your messages will pop up here for quick actions.

Screen Record Toggle

You now have quick access to toggle Screen Recordings if you are a person that does this often.

New ‘Do Not Disturb’ UI

Well ‘Do Not Disturb’ got redone again. The exceptions are organized into People, Apps, Alarms & other interruptions.

‘Ask Every Time’ Permissions

There is a big focus on permissions in Android 11. There is a new ‘Ask Every Time’ option which will ask your permission every time it wants access to use your files, contacts, camera, etc.

Airplane Mode Bypass for connected Bluetooth devices

If you had previously connected Bluetooth devices like a smartwatch or headphones then Bluetooth will not be turned off when you toggle Airplane Mode.

Pin up to 4 Apps in the share menu

Android 11’s native share menu has undergone recent changes to make it easier to allow apps to be pinned to the menu and will be easier to fidn those apps.

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