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Dark Mode has been all the rage in 2019 and now in 2020. It is both easier on your eyes and on your devices battery, weather that device is a Phone, Tablet or PC. We will show you how to enable dark mode on all your devices.

Windows 10 & 10X

Windows 10 has always given you the ability to enable dark mode, it only recently enable a feature that gives you a light mode taskbar with dark icons. Windows 10X has the same personalization controls so the steps below work for both and if you still have a Windows 10 Mobile phone it is the same steps too. First navigate to settings > Personalization > Colors > then choose Dark.

Xbox has the same settings but has one feature that we want to come to all flavor of Windows 10, dynamic color shift. depending on the time of day, it will automatically shift from light to dark for you.


MacOS has a dark mode as well. It even has a dynamic ‘auto’ setting that changes from light to dark depending on the time of day. Navigate to System Preferences > General > then select Dark.

iOS & iPadOS

Much like MacOS iOS and MacOS has a dynamic automatically shifting dark/light mode depending on time of day. To go dark navigate to Settings > Display & Brightness > then select Dark. Many apps will follow the mode automatically.


In Android 10 navigate to Settings > Display > then select Dark. You can also select automatic to dynamically shift depending on time of day.Many apps will follow the mode automatically.

If you haven’t noticed already the Platform De.Central website is in Dark mode by default, so join us on the Dark Side.

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