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Newton Mail is Dead



Newton Mail is one of many great 3rd Party Mail Client apps. Newton’s parent company Cloud Magic went dark then came back after Essential revived them last year. Newton had apps in the Microsoft Store, iOS App Store, Mac App Store and Google Play Store successfully spanning many of the top platforms. Newton Mail & Calendar was a subscription based app of $49.99/year.

We recently trialed the app myself, the app was great, it had a clean design and all the features I would expect from a mail client. But with Cloud Magic, Newton Mail’s parent company not being very active on social media it seemed like $50 for the subscription may not be worth it. I really wanted to take that extra step and subscribe, as I love non-platform owners apps like To Doist, Carrot Weather, Enpass Password Manager, Here Maps & Firefox.

But today we learned that Essential was shutting down and also shutting down Newton Mail, even though they were just acquired by Essential last year.

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